Thursday, November 6, 2008

Clean and Organize!

1) The most important thing is to be realistic. Even when there is a big job to be done. Try to realize that you are not superwoman and it is okay to take it slow and steady. No matter what needs to be done, we tend to get a little overwhelmed and scatterbrained. Because of this, it is SO important to set small goals. Break up the big jobs. I am thinking about cleaning up around my computer right now, and I haven't done it for months because it seems so overwhelming. This morning I decided that I am being ridiculous and that it will never even get better if I don't START. So I went through and told myself just to find things I felt I could throw away. Now that that is done, I feel a little better. I feel like I can do this! Next I am going to sort through things and figure out what I need in order to put it all into organization. This leads to #2:

2) Always sort through, get rid or stuff, and figure out what you need for the items that you have first. It is much more exciting to go and buy organizing things first and then try to put your thing away in them....BUT I promise, and so do the organizing shows, that this doesn't work and you most likely won't like the results. I have found that doing it the right way saves money too. Once you have done the work to sort everything, you usually need 1/2 as much, or already have, the things you need to get them put away.

3) As far as cleaning....Microfiber cloths are seriously sent from heaven above. I can use ONE and that is all I need to dust, wipe windows, wipe smudges on doors, walls, and lightswitches, wipe down the kitchen counters, shine the sink and faucet, wipe off the washer and dryer, and spruce up the bathroom. No cleaners necessary! These really are the best. I also LOVE soft scrub. It is very effective.

4) Be conscious of your "crap zones" as I like to think of them. I always stick things on my computer desk and on one of the kitchen counters that is by the garage. For today, the one thing I am going to do: clean them off! Not relocate the "crap", but PUT IT AWAY where it goes. If it doesn't have a place, then I need to make one. It is so much easier to put things away if only you know where to put them- that is the problem of my house lately! Now, try super hard not to put anything on or in your "crap zone". You can do it! It will get easier as the days go by and you will feel fantastic!

So, those are a few of the things I have been thinking about today....I know, it seems like a lot of rambling, thanks. So now to focus the thoughts into some action for today, and oh yes, enjoying the journey of it.....hmmmm.....I like to play music that makes me feel like dancing and then I set the timer for 15 minutes or so. I tell myself: " for this amount of time, I am going to pick up. Only pick up....nothing else! No dishes, laundry, e-mailing,'s pick up time!" Then I vacuumn and that always makes everything look better. So, today take 15 to 20 minutes and just pick up. Make sure to actually put the stuff away where it relocating! Yey! Look at you spruced up house!

I hope this is useful to somebody, or maybe cleaning is just hard to me and I am the only one that has to talk to myself and play little head games to get things done? I really hope I'm not the only one!


The Johnston's said...

Kaira!! I used the microfiber rag and I love it. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

okay so i bought some microfiber towels today and used them and I have to say Thank you!! I really didn't think they were goin gto be that great.. I WAS WRONG! They are seriously heavensent! All I did was wet it down and ring it out and wala.. I cleaned without chemicals! Thanks again!

Kaira said...

You are welcome! I forgot to specify that they work best when you wet them, and wring as much water out as you can. They are supposed to feel a little eraserish:) Thanks for bringing that up!

Kaira said...

Oh, ya! They also work better if you don't use fabric softener. So, I usually just grab them when I am changing a load to the dryer and toss them on top of the dryer. They dry really fast and can usually be folded and put away by the time the drying cycle is finished. I do use liquid softener too, but even with that, they still work great.